""May 1st, 2016 can easily be recorded as my favorite day. Not just because all my people were in one place at one time, or because we had pizza for dinner, or because that day I felt more beautiful than I ever had before, or because the sun came out after an all-day downpour (right when guests needed to go outside for the reception), BUT because I got to commit myself in a covenant relationship with the man who will help lead me, by God's grace, through my remaining days on this earth. Along with that, I wanted that day to be welcoming for guests (this was a party after all!) and also have an unstated, easy-going beauty. We filled the room with greenery, white flowers, large white drapes, and copper accents! In an effort to include and honor friends and family, we had a dessert bar filled with our favorite homemade goods cooked straight from the kitchen of those we love (i.e. The Blanton's Lemon Cookies and The Hardy's Peach Cobbler). Because I am a photography junkie and love having the ability to capture moments, our guest book was a an empty book to stick in a polaroid of yourself and sign a message with it! I love looking back on everyone's pictures to this day. As much as we loved that day, the beauty of our wedding day lies in our life together as husband and wife, in the mundane and average.""



Venue: The Barn at Shady Lane

Dress: Village Bridal (duh!)

Photographer: Kristen Soileau Photography (www.kristensoileauportraits.com)

Pizza: Post Office Pies

Cake/ Desserts: Cakes by Audrey/ Family Friends

Flowers: My awesome friends! 

MUAH: Lyndsey Richardson​

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-5pm (by appointment only)

Sunday-Monday: closed


2018 11th Ave S

Birmingham, AL 35205